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Boomatic Security Systems is specialized in security-related businesses such as access control, car park, time management, CCTV surveillance, burglar alarms and intercom systems. We provide complete services including design, supply, installation and commission of such systems. In addition, we also provide customized solutions, for example, design-and-build, to cater to our customers’ special requirements. We also provide all types electrical wiring services.

Card Access System
We are the authorized reseller in the northern region for the well-known MAG, SOYAL, ENTRYPASS and CASTLE brands of card access system. Boomatic provides a wide range of card access systems ranging from single door to multiple door control and biometric system (finger print) with optional software monitoring.

Car Park System
We are an authorized reseller for the MAG brands of car park system. Our system setup includes many varieties of traffic barriers (different speeds and boom arm length), ticket-dispensing machine, coin validator machine and cash register. System configurations range from basic standalone to computerized systems.

Time Management System
We provide computerized time recording systems which are extremely useful for time attendance recording and monitoring. This range from simple electronic time recorders to sophisticated system linkable to payroll.

CCTV, Burglar Alarm and Intercom Systems
We design and install a variety of CCTV, burglar alarm and intercom systems ranging from residential to commercial and industrial facilities. We carry different brands to cater to the individual needs of the customers.

Customers Profile
We service a huge range of customers catering to both dealers and end customers. We have installations in residential, apartments, commercials, offices & shopping complexes, hotels, schools, colleges & universities and industrial sites.

Technical Capability and Support
We have a team of competent technical people committed to support and meet the need of the customers. We strive to provide cost effective solutions and endeavor to provide prompt after-sales service.

About Us
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